Monday, 9 July 2012


Today was a day of strange emotions. After five years working at the same place I have just resigned. Now although I have known for the last two and a half years that this day would come, it still came as a bit of a shock. I have spent the last two years redoing my GCSE's that I failed at school and in the last year have put alot of effort into my Access Science course with the aim of getting into University to study Physiotherapy. Only in the last couple of months have I realised how much I have actually put into this course. It has taken quite a bit out of me without me realising it. But the satisfaction that I feel now, as everything is finally coming together, far outweighs all the stress that I felt on those long weekends writing assignments. I was never one of the bright ones at school, I never even broached the subject of going to university. I thought it was beyond me. But I now realise that it doesn't matter what level you are at, in any aspect of life. The last couple of years has taught me a vital lesson, that whatever you want to do, whatever it may be and whatever level you find yourself starting at, there is always the chance to improve and progress. Its having the bollocks and commitment to go for something, be bold, go big or go home. You only fail if you don't try something. I start University in september, something I never thought I'd do, but I gave it a poke and it came off, and I'm so excited about all the challenges and new experiences ahead. I feel like this will also allow me to improve in other aspects of my life, my running being one of them.

I am off to the Dolomites next weekend for the Skyrace, and then a week later off out to the Swiss Alps for the Sierre - Zinal race and some climbing before finishing my racing off for the year at Ben Nevis. I feel a new buzz about everything, its pretty good to be honest! My main aim everyday is to be content and happy, and that is just what I am right now.

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