Sunday, 27 November 2011


After 3 frustrating weeks out with my back it's very nice to finally be on the mend,It's been a real effort to stay patient after the year i've had but sometimes you have to just take it easy,after trying to run for the last 3 weeks and it just flaring up again you just have to take a backseat and let it heal.Went for a spot of indoor climbing today taking it very easy,it seemed to work a treat,feels alot more loose now.Hoping to slowly get back into the running this week and then build up over the winter.

The plan for next years running seems to be falling into place now.My main aim is to run a fast time at Sierre - Zinal on August 12th and all of my running and racing will be geared towards this, and this also allows me to fit in a good effort in the Britsh Championships and to try some new races,i plan to race alot less than usual,focusing on getting the miles in and enjoying just getting into the mountains and hills more often,my provisional racing plan is as follows.......

05/02/12 - Long Mynd - Shropshire - 11.5 miles/4500ft ascent
03/03/12 - Black Combe - Lake District - 8 miles/3000ft ascent
14/04/12 - Coledale Horseshoe - Lake District - (British Champs) - 8 miles/3000ft ascent
12/05/12 - Slieve Bearnargh - Northern Ireland (British Champs) - 4 miles/2700ft ascent
02/06/12 - Ennerdale Horseshoe - Lake District - 23 miles/7500ft ascent
07/07/12 - Arrochar Alps - Scotland (British Champs) - 15 miles/8000ft ascent
22/07/12 (?) - Dolomites Skyrace - Italy - 12 miles/6000ft ascent
12/08/12 - Sierre - Zinal - Switzerland - 19 miles/7000ft ascent
08/09/12 - Moel Wnion - Wales (British Champs) 4.5 miles/1800ft ascent

Really looking forward to trying some new races such as Ennerdale and Arrochar and am looking forward to putting some good miles in the bank over the next 6 months,super excited about going out to Europe for a month or so next summer and not just for the races and running some awesome alpine trails. I'm planning on taking some climbing gear out there and hopefully climbing some 4000m peaks, so will be hopefully getting up to Scotland over the winter and out on the rock when the spring somes around to prep for it.Alot to look forward to next year.

Happy Running

Sunday, 13 November 2011


After a good eight week block of running after ten months out i was feeling great and was super psyched,and then i decided to fall on a rock on the summit of bowfell and crack my back! It's now been ten days since i last run and although my back is feeling better every day it's really doing my head in,the urge to run is bubbling over! I don't think i helped matters by trying to climb indoors on friday so i've decided to rest up until the pain has gone,it being a trauma injury,at least i know that rest should make it better and it's not going to keep me out for too long.Fingers crossed it'll be better by next weekend and i can get out on the hills again.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A slight setback...

After about 8 weeks of consistent running it was inevitable that something was going to give,it usually does,except this time it was a rather funny incident that has stopped me running again,although thankfully it should only be a couple of days,maybe a week off.

Due to the weather being amazing on sunday i headed up to the lakes for a spot of hiking with a non fell running mate and what a day it was! We opted for a steady plod around a little bit of the langdale horseshoe,missing out the first bit and heading direct up the band to the summit of bowfell and went over the crinkle crags to bowfell and back down to one of the finest pubs in lakeland the ODG for lashings of fine ale.

The rather amusing incident happend on the summit of bowfell whilst eating a sandwich.What looked to be a very slippery moss covered rock turned out to be just that and i piled straight into it,lower back first.At the time it didn't feel too bad,but it became gradually worse and after a good nights sleep in what must have been a very awkward position turned into a very painful day at work! It feels slightly better today so hopefully be back running before the weekend!