Monday, 19 December 2011


Running......just running,I never thought something so simple could capture my imagination and bring so much to my life. It's something i never used to give any consideration....why i run,it was just something i did a few times a week,it's only when you cant run and you feel the frustration building up inside over many months that you realise what this simple action means to you,as was the case with me this year. It's only when i couldn't run that i realised what a postitive impact it had on the rest of my life,and that when i dont run i don't feel right,as if something is missing,something out of place.Being injured for a fair amount of time in a way,has been a blessing in disguise,i never used to really think about what i was doing or why i did it,i just did it.I know now that i will never take the time i happen to be fit and healthy for granted,as you never know what is around the corner.

At this time of year i have always looked at the calender and planned the following years races,and this year is no different,i have races i want to do and ideas of where i would like to finish in each one of those,races and times are what i've always been driven towards,but they only make up a small amount of what i do, i have never thought about all the other runs,the day to day runs and small adventures that i have always discounted as just training runs,but i have gradually realised that this is why i run,this is what makes me who i am,and why as runners we shouldn't just discount what we do in between the races as this is what shapes us and makes us who we are,at least that's what running feels to me,running completes me,it makes me who i am.

I have never been one for new year promises,but this year is going to be different,i am going to make a big effort to stop moaning as much and to stop being negative,i want to focus away from the bigger picture and swing my attention to my day to day life, and to make everyday a positive experience,for the first time in my life i am going to keep a hand written diary, maybe just for this year ,maybe longer who knows,i dont want to say,i intend to stop when it feels right.

I was always reluctant to start blogging but after reading other blogs i changed my mind,it is a nice way to record experiences and share those with like minded people,i have gained so much inspiration and motivation from seeing what other people get up to and if anyone finds what i write remotely interesting then great, if not then i feel it will be something nice to look back on myself in the future.

Anyway i am rambling on....

Happy Running

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

In praise of Apple....

I have never found running on the roads much fun,but this being the first winter that i have actually decided to train through i am going to have to learn to or else it's going to be a long one! Seeing that i can get out for 1-2 hours on the fells or trails most wednesday mornings and for a 2-4 hour run on saturdays i have come to the conclusion that if i can get 2 or 3 good quality road runs of around an hour in duration (works out at about 7 or 8 miles at a steady pace as it is very hilly around here!) in the week this should give me a nice base going into the spring. I find it quite easy to drum up the motivation for running off road but to force my arse out of the door after work or college in the dark and the freezing rain for some tarmac abuse is hard! I have never thought of running with music but on tonights run i shoved my ipod into my cag pocket and put it on shuffle.Well what can i say,it made a very dull,wet and cold 8 miles pass very easily,although i would never run in the hills with my ipod,i think i've found the key to making road running more enjoyable,although i think i will have to make a playlist to get tunes better suited to running!

So get your ipods out this winter,i know i will be,it's the only way i can cope!

Speaking of good tunes to run too....

This is off the new Black Keys album 'El Camino' which was out yesterday,still eagerly awaiting the postman dropping it through the letter box......